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Granny Sex Museum

All types of mature women will be exhibited here as long as they are over 50 and 60: hairy, plump , busty, doing hardcore porn, blowjob, anal sex or simply posing in sexy lingerie... Enjoy your visit and be kind to the ladies.

My granny sex fantasy

A plump granny dressed in classic clothes
Granny needs a sweetheart. 14 pictures courtesy of

This is my favorite scenario: I am being invited for tea by a charming old lady, let's say a friend of the family, I try to behave like an old school gentleman... being polite and gallant... Entertaining without too much innuendo... Hiding my boner... We finally agree to spend the rest of the afternoon in bed together ( how so ? well it' s the magic of the imagination ;) , I fuck her like she never was before, she loves it so much we have weekly special tea ceremonies for the next years to come.
If your imagination needs a little support go straight to >

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Grandmother why are you so sexy ?

A blond granny in sexy lingerie
Senior seduction. 14 pictures.

Desire always finds a way, Scarlett Andrews was born in 1948, maybe was an hippie godess in 1968 and an aerobics sexy mom in 1988, and she' s now for sure a very sexy grandmother at age 66.
Watch her practicing her seduction skills in the gallery above !
Decadent beauties with a strong sex drive:
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Fri, Dec 05, 2014 in: gilf, granny_sex, sexy_granny

Pool sex keeps the doctor away

naked by the pool
Senior health. 22 pictures.

There' s nothing like sport and sex to keep people in good shape. This granny' s got a surprisingly perky body: I call it the 60 y.o. face/ 30 y.o. body.
Pictures courtesy of

Mon, Nov 17, 2014 in: grandma, misc.

A cougar granny

Wrinkled sexy cougar granny
Wrinkles and make-up. 16 pictures.

Regi is over 60 and still dress and fuck like a 30 something woman: she' s a cougar. If you look her face closely you' ll notice beautiful wrinkles no make-up could ever hide. She' s still trying hard though, and that' s what I love. Pure seduction techniques can make a granny sexier than an average dumb 20 something.
Pictures courtesy of

Thu, Aug 07, 2014 in: gilf, granny_sex, sexy_granny


Sex foreplay: caressing granny' s tits
Sex foreplay. Exclusive gallery, 15 pictures.

Many granny porn sites pretend that older women are hungry sex beasts... I think they' re a bit wrong, actually " granny sex " is more about tenderness, looooooong, slow and playful sexual foreplay
"Be kind to the ladies" !
Pictures courtesy of

Wed, Aug 06, 2014 in: grandma, granny_sex

Making love with a 67 years old woman

It' s granny porn with something more... Our granny lover here seems to really care about her mature partner. Look at the way they kiss at the beginning...
The guy calls himself " the Cougar Champion" (ain' t that cute ! )
Check his site in the TacAmateurs network for more >>

* edit: if you' d like to go behind the scene here' s an article of the Huffington Post ( UK version ) about the Champion

Fri, May 30, 2014 in: grandma, granny_sex

A tatooed granny with nice wrinkles

granny in pink bra and panties
close-up on tatooed granny wrinkled breast
Enjoy these high definition pics ( 1680 x 1120 and 1260 x 1690 )

Does such a thing as a "wrinkles fetish" exist ? I found these photographs amazingly boner inducing and I' m affraid I caught it...
Thanks to our better standards of living our population of lovely grannies is steadily increasing, some of these aged beauties aren' t affraid of posing, even fucking in front of a camera... and that' s why you need to visit

Mon, May 05, 2014 in: grandma, very_old

Keep up the good work Caro !

Granny Caro removing her pantyhose
Granny Caro wants to please. 20 pictures.

Granny Caro is a rather new "TacAmateurs" model, very promising in my opinion- I like her... I think she needs every granny lover 's support, we want more of Her; her smile, her confortable plump body, her soft tits and her lovely hands ( damn, my granny hands fetish strikes again ! ).
Please visit her site at TacAmateurs !

Sat, Oct 19, 2013 in: grandma, sexy_granny

A busty granny and her bra

Close up on a busty
 granny removing her bras
Who' s that mystery busty granny ? 13 pictures.

Granny lingerie, granny tits, granny ass, granny hands ( gotta love the age spots on them ), granny pot belly, those are some of the granny porn subfolders I keep on my P.C.
I love to classify my pics, find new angles, new "categories", I do sometimes build a site around these fetishes... is one of them: moms, gilfs and grannies simply wearing a bra and sometimes removing it, I' d be flattered if you give it a visit.

Sun, Sep 22, 2013 in: grandma

A wrinkled granny face

Granny Effie and a lucky partner
Effie and her favourite fuck buddy ! 30 pictures.

I' ve been following Effie since 2006, I' m very fond of her typical "granny face", wich comes as a nice contrast when she' s fucking ( with ) a cute guy.
Pictures courtesy of

Sat, Sep 21, 2013 in: grandma, granny_sex

Granny kiss again ( lesbian )

Old granny kissing a younger woman on the lips
Granny wants to try lesbian love too ! 16 pictures.

This is a snapshot of a lesbian orgy involving two grannies and a twenty-something chick. I think it' s totally wicked, what do you think ? I particulary like the wrinkled lady on the left, her classy pearl necklace and her sexually greedy look on her female "friends": she obviously wants to be in...
A hot pictures set !

Thu, Sep 19, 2013 in: lesbian_grannies

From granny love to granny sex

A french kiss by granny

How about some granny love ? First you' re feeling a strange kind of "tenderness" while hugging this grandma looking elder, then when she starts to french- kiss you, something like "hornyness" takes place between the two of you
Something way hotter than you ever felt before...

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The mature sex database you want to browse !
Mon, Sep 09, 2013 in: grandma, granny_sex

A new granny sex museum

The Granny Sex Museum was hosted on, wich has disappeared without warning. I am rebuilding it here right now, stay tuned :)

You can browse the old archive here


Tue, Aug 27, 2013 in: misc.

Sexy and teasing at 74: hell why not !

Sexy granny
Hattie, 74, new grandma on the block

Meet Hattie, a new recruit from the 60PlusMilfs crew of seductive cougars and get ready to be eaten alive...
Are the 60PlusMilfs grannies respectable ?

>>Click here to find out !
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Mon, Aug 26, 2013 in: gilf, sexy_granny, very_old

Granny and the doctor

Blonde granny making love with her doctor

What's up doc ? !!! You got a sudden boner while examinating this old blonde in stockings and you can' t resist pushing it further and fucking her... It' s quite not ethical- but she was willing it, proof is the blowjob she's giving you.

Continue to, join and get access to exclusive sex craving grannies pics and movies ! >> preview tour
Sun, Aug 25, 2013 in: granny_sex

who' s up for a cup of tea with granny ?

Old granny in white lingerie and bra

One of my granny lover' s fantaisy is having a cup of tea with a charming old lady, seducing her like old style gentlemen do and finally spending the all afternoon in her lavender scented bed with her... Jeannette is the perfect grandma for this kind of scenario !
She' s a bit mad, sex mad... watch her in action here and here at the Aebn Granny Sex Museum movies theater.

Reminder: my granny porn gift is always available... : get a free account at the granny sex museum video on demand theater and watch 15 mns for free

Sun, Aug 25, 2013 in: grandma, granny_sex, very_old

Grey hair is so sexy ...

Elegant granny with grey hair wearing sheer black stockings Topless grey haired granny in white lingerie
2 galleries of April Thomas

Strangely enough you won' t see much grey hair among the granny porn crowd, so I' m glad to have caught this lovely aged bird for you !

I found these sets at
This site is focused on mature models, including some 50+ 60+ ladies, wearing... stockings. Judging by the preview tour the choice of models and the quality are rather good.


April Thomas has now her own personal site !

Sun, Aug 25, 2013 in: sexy_granny

German granny porn: meet oma !

German sexy granny wearing white lingerie

There's a nifty tool for the mature ladies lovers here at granny sex museum- but I'm affraid it's buried somewhere in the right sidebar and you didn't notice it. I'm talking about my custom granny porn movies theater.
Watch the search box and play with it= you'll find there almost every category of porn inside the granny porn category. Got it ?
You can even search by keywords. Be creative !
Today I've made a search about german granny porn, out of curiosity- and built

this oma sex movies page with the most interesting results.
Oh, by the way, I've set up a 15 mn free credit offer- it's a $3.95 value- Â for you to play with the search fonction and get familiar with this awesome porn ressource- don't thank me I'm pretty sure you'll get hooked !

Sun, Aug 25, 2013 in: fat, grandma, granny_sex

A gray haired plump granny getting screwed

Foreplay with granny

Hmmm, cool ! Granny is ok to get a little love from this guy. Maybe she was just nice enough at the beginning to let him softly grab and fondle her old tits. Did she know she' d gonna get fucked over and over in a steamy sex session ?

Continue to >> preview tour
Sun, Aug 25, 2013 in: fat, grandma, granny_sex

Busty saggy old granny showing off

Madame got saggy tits

So you think this lady ain't for you ? Yes she' s over 60 and yes she's an upper class older wife... However you' ll notice she' s nude and waiting for... you ?
Older women that show off for you:

oldspunker tour
Sun, Aug 25, 2013 in: fat, grandma, sexy_granny

Grannie' s orgy: you' re invited !

Amateur granny orgy: the older one is sucking a guy while the younger one is flattering his balls

It's hot here and it's dark, you can hear the slurping sound of this fat swinger granny- she' s known as the "sperm vacuum".You'd like to jump into this sex orgy... Why so shy ? Go ! The ladies here are craving for your cock:" We want your hard cocks shoved inside our mature asses, pussies, mouths and inbetween these nice old granny tits until you just fucking soak us with all your hot sticky cum! "

Visit this link fore more info >> preview tour
Sun, Aug 25, 2013 in: granny_sex

How beautiful is a nude granny ?

Old nude granny Hildegard
The Nude Granny... Simply beautiful.

Granny lovers are the only true women lovers, mind you, they appreciate the beauty of the female anatomy to its full extent, old age is no obstacle. Connoisseurs will like this pictures set of 66 yo Hildegard, a shy, soft, plump, wrinkled granny who' s offering us some views on her nudity .
Pictures courtesy of

Sun, Aug 25, 2013 in: fat, grandma

Orgasming at 60 plus

Granny having an orgasm

I just love the beauty of old ladies orgasming, it tells me a lot about life... about desire...

Granny quietly orgasming

Visit >>>

Sun, Aug 25, 2013 in: grandma, granny_sex, very_old

Granny's new friend !

 Topless granny in lingerie licking a sextoy

I won't make fun of this lonely grandma starring at a dildo- "be kind to the ladies" is my motto- I think I' ll just sit in a corner watching her masturbate. Looks like she's having her share of sexual pleasure exploring her used fat and yummy body. Oh wait.. I may ask her if she needs some help after all ;)

Jump at's grannies RIGHT NOW ! ! >>
Sat, Aug 24, 2013 in: fat, grandma

Granny Marge, 89 years old, meets her lover

Very old granny having sex Sex after 80

Would you be shocked knowing a ninety years old man is fucking a 25 yo woman ? I think not.
So... Let granny Marge be free to fuck whoever she wants !
( 4 movie clips here )
The lucky guy ( ? ) is a young granny lover calling himself
The Cougar Champion
( link to his web page at TacAmateurs )

Surprise- surprise, he seems to know very closely Sandra Ann,
our beloved 75 yo granny

Granny kiss
This guy, my friends, is a true granny lover ! 20 pictures

Continue to >>>

TacAmateurs is a network of 250+ amateur models sites including Adonna, Girdle Godess, GrandMa Libby, Beth Morggan, Classy Carol... and many more mature ladies. When you join one site you get them all
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Sat, Aug 24, 2013 in: granny_sex, very_old

A leazy afternoon with granny

Sex with a skinny granny

Granny is sleeping... The air is so warm and humid here in the bayou you naturally want to spend your lazy afternoons with any member of the opposite sex. A troubling intimacy between a sleepy granny and ... who knows who !
Hey... that' s filthy !
Sat, Aug 24, 2013 in: granny_sex

Granny Sally+ sexy lingerie

fat granny in see through lingerie
A sheer nightie babydoll glamorazing a busty granny

I' d fuck anything who' s dressing up with a sheer babydoll nightie, it' s behind my control !
When the lady is a busty granny the erotic impact is even stronger, please someone save me !
I think I may join right now in order to lower my granny attraction induced testoterone level !

Fri, Aug 23, 2013 in: fat, sexy_granny

The sexy granny and the shy guy

Sexy granny
Lin Boyde, 65 years old, elegant, sexy and demanding.

I like to think we granny lovers have an inner shy boy who gets really impressed by the dignity of old women, a shy naughty boy who' d like to cross some limits... fucking the Senator' s wife for example...
...having an affair with a retired eenglish literacy teacher ( aww i'd like so much getting punished for my typos by a well educated strict granny ! )...
Lin is a dream come true, no matter how shy you are she' ll make the first steps !

>>Join her now at
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*edit: one last for the road, a wonderfully chubby classy 61 years old cougar fresh from the 60PlusMilfs recent batch of galleries:

chubby granny fucked doggy style
Jeannie Lou I love you !
Thu, Aug 22, 2013 in: gilf, granny_sex

Mature saggy tits anyone ?

huge granny saggy tits

While browsing mature porn galleries to bring you granny focused ones my brain and my boner ;) have suggested me to build a mature saggy tits blog. I really enjoy them big and saggy, from milfs to grannies.

Our lovely grannies won't mind if you take a quick look...
Mature saggy tits blog >
Tue, Aug 20, 2013 in: misc.

Divine GILFs !

Granny showing ass while riding a guy
Lin Boyde, age: 57
Blonde over 50 milf
Sumeran Winters, age: 59
over 60 lady getting fucked doggy style
Bea Cummins, age: 66 ! ( Oh my G.. I want her so badly ! )

The 40SomethingMag team has just released a new site for the granny porn collectors where all ladies are guaranteed over 50. I'm kind of speechless , wich is a shame for a blogging man. For years I 've been wishing to find more grannies at 40something' ( some are posted on this blog ) I really love their old school porn magazine style, perfect lights and heavy sleazy make-up on the models, pictures set and movies with the good ole' porn plot.. Watch the galleries above and see how they managed to make my wish come true !

The video trailers are on the preview page, granny lovers you got to watch this !

06/23 update- this gallery is fresh from a couple of hours ago: one more beautiful granny for the GILF lovers !
Top gilf Katia having sex
Katia, age: 55

I' m in a "gilf" craze at the moment.. but I won' t forget you guys who better like very old looking charming grans..

07/13 update: Hi Georgette, glad to see you' re shooting at 50plusmilfs ! (feeds reader link)
Blonde GILF making love with a guy
Georgette Parks, age: 64

09/10 update: dear Georgette never gets tired, participating here in a threesome with a cute chick and an ugly ( but lucky ) grandpa:

Granny Goergette Parks threesome
Georgette and Sophia

Update: so self- confident, reaching the top of her seduction power she' s a killer granny, you can' t resist:
Seductive wrinkled blonde granny Honey Ray from 50plusmilfs

Dirty Sexy Grannies, all yours, right now !
Now including a membership for
Sun, Aug 18, 2013 in: gilf, granny_sex

Grannies in bondage

Fat hranny in soft bondage
"Submissive granny" ( gallery 1 )

granny tied in ropes and chains
"Granny please stop laughing it ruins all the BDSM thing ! ( gallery 2 )"

It' s all fun and games obviously. Even if strict BDSM fetishists won' t take these sets seriously, we granny lovers will certainly appreciate these lovely grannies all tied and packed in their tight stockings, ropes and chains.
Pictures are courtesy of
Join now and get full access to the entire network of mature porn sites.

japanese granny shibari

If you want to give a go to real mature BDSM sex then you may check this link leading to a selection of BDSM movies, including some flicks of delicious japanese grannies enduring shibari sessions.

Fri, Aug 16, 2013 in: grandma



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